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Module construction model railroad puckdroppers place. See below for dealing with crossovers between mainlines for ttrak modules. Adapting modular standards and concepts for home layouts. If you click here all graphics will load when the page opens. The stand sheet module then calculates, by extension, the dollar amount owed to the organization by each stand at the end of an event or business day. Pdf files, and other information you may find useful. Each module can be connected interchangeably with any other module built to the same standards.

Ntrak entry module model railroader magazine model. Looking for online definition of ntrak or what ntrak stands for. Straight module kits from ntrak include three sides fascias. Redblack automotive zip wire, speaker wire or black lowvoltage lighting wire with. When the whole project is done, modelers will have a great layout, as well as the knowledge to build more. Ntrak i used the same method outlined here to build my ntrak module. Ttrak modules the ttrak wiki has lots of modules to view. The inside corner is not as common as other module types but is required for lshaped layouts that consist of a double row of modules. On the left is a japanese scene, in the center is a european street scene with a subway below. The very next year, in 2018, and encouraged by the success of the 2017 layout in orlando, a layout was organized at the nmras. For more information on ntrak, visit their web site. It also ensures that the track will not be susceptible to being thrown out of alignment on the module itself. They also serve as duck under spots for easier enthe setup track behind the skyboard can be used for behind the scene removal and setup of trains. Lastly, i constructed throttle connection wires with some additional cinchjones connectors.

The three tracks are common to all modules and the same. The only changes are the module height ntrak is 40 inches and the use of cclamps to join modules and not dowels and screws. If all heritage modules are to remain forever compliant, then ntrak will always be limited by them. Modules are layouts that can be joined with other layouts like pieces in a puzzle. All the alignment issues so far are ultimately designed so that the track from two modules can be properly aligned. Module two ntrak module of an open pit silver mine. Write to ntrak for the name of your local coordinator. However, as a rough rule and assuming standard radii corners and 33.

Page 2 the onetrak module system is based on the ntrak module system, and is intended to be an adjunct to the clubs ntrak modules, not a replacement. The onetrak manual the onetrak manual specifications 3 modules layout samples 14 standard ntrak layout junction module gordonsville offset module module with additional depth 180 return loop module corner modules onetrak part of the orlando 98 convention layout arrows show direction of traffic on extended red line route. The aisle space was planned to ensure that there is enough room to pull each module out horizontally, which is another reason for the extra aisle width, since there must be space to manipulate the module and stand there even when two feet of aisle width is gone. Books the following publications are available for sale at the company store. If you wish to make a payment to ntrak for items not listed in the shopping cart above, you may do so by clicking on the donate button here. The basic module is two feet wide, four feet long, and 40 high. There are both national and local clubs that supply standards and specifications for building modular layouts. We havent had to do this yet, but if we are presented with a case where we need to originate the onetrak branch directly from an ntrak junction module, we can do that using the yard section, as all of those tracks are on ntrak centers.

Except for the inclusion of just one mainline, the onetrak modules follow ntrak specifications. Refer to the unofficial ttrak handbook see links for module dimensions as they can vary depending on the depth of straight single modules. There is no right or wrong way to build a module as long as it conforms to ntrak standards. Although intended as a standalone layout, it can be adapted to work as an ntrak module or combined with layouts you build in the future. On the right is a carnival scene with a battery powered merry go round. Module in ntrak model railroading, a module is a section of a layout built to the international ntrak standards.

For a stand alone two module layout the main tracks become spurs for the industries, staging and a lead track for sorting. The module set shall have at least four legs and stand alone. Although scenic ridge was intended as a standalone layout, it can be adapted to work as an ntrak module or combined with layouts you build in the future. Ntrak specifications short overview ntrak represents a concept for building modular layouts for settings in homes, at clubs and public displays from small to very large. You may not currently have room for a layout, but everyone has room for a module. Here is the ntrak weblink to organizations all over the globe. Bridge modules in 2 and 4 length are used to complete a alyout with the available full size modules. Using transfers, requisitions, inventory and waste data and designating standard foodtrak inventory locations as stands, the module can carefully monitor the movement of goods in and.

Ntrak modules in other countries often use different electrical and size standards to suit local conditions. Since the last printing 2002 of the ntrak manual, all 120 volt wiring has been removed from modules and powerpole connectors were made an option. The fourmodule system is our main staging location. These modules are being constructed using the instructions in the ntrak module howto book. Named after our most enthusiastic family member, this module gave you an idea of what many railroad small towns in montana looked like. It is highly recommended that all ttrak modules be. It is the most popular standard for use in united states n scale. Capital pennscalers ntrak module construction page 1. Place joiners on other end, put in place and then, with tweezers, slide joiners into position. Ntrak is one of several model railroad module standards. I build the frame for a 2x4 module from a 4x8 sheet of plywood.

Module height for ntrak is 40 inches while it is 50 inches for freemo. For a standalone twomodule layout the main tracks become spurs for the industries, staging and a lead track for sorting. Model railroader is the worlds largest magazine on model trains and model railroad layouts. Make sure to leave enough room for at least a locomotive, or a locomotive and one or two cars between the turnouts and the end of the modules.

All flush deck modules are predrilled with track attachment holes to precisely locate your track. Ttrak, trams, trolleys, trains, two tracks and table top here are lees three ttrak modules as they were displayed at the saint louis nmra train show in july 2001. If you are modeling in other scales or standards, it is a worthwhile reference even if you are modeling a different scale or to other module standards. Lightweight sides are cut from 18 luan plywood and ends are cut from 1 x 4 poplar. Click here and most graphics will load only when you click on them. Ntrak allows modellers to participate in a large layout but only invest a small amount of space at their own home. Theyre the size of a card table and easy to set up and tear down. Please be sure to include special instructions to the company store manager in the comments section of the paypal page, so it is known what youre paying for. Capital pennscalers ntrak module construction page 4. The sections can be freestanding on legs and, if desired, attached to the wall with.

This covers both ntrak and ho nmrastyle module standards. Module one ntrak module based on apex power plant located north of las vegas, nevada in the apex area. Ntrak modules in other countries often use different electrical and size standards to suit local. It is used by some as a return loop tracks within the module or for a string of modules. This is a new 4x2 module which i will fully finish before moving back to the larger modules. Each n scale ttrak module includes four foot brackets that have a threaded insert installed to accommodate the users choice of leveling screws.

Sides overlap the ends and are joined with glue and screws. So, do not do this, or if an existing module, remove the power strip. Modules should not flex or twist a module should be light weight but strong enough not to flex. Please see the ntrak module howto book andor for current layout wiring specifications. There are adjustment bolts in the legs with a two inch adjustment range. Modelers from all over the world can build modules, bring them to a show, connect to the next module, and become part of a giant n scale layout. Ntrak alternate wiring and connectors quick reference. Ntrak modules are tables that c clamp together to form large n scale train layouts at conventions, shopping malls, club rooms, and as home layouts. Zbendtrack has a very nice adobe pdf manual covering the standard, planning concepts, module construction and electrical. Shown on this page are the basic specifi cations for standard ntrak. In 2017 members of ntrak, inc decided to organize a layout at the national train show portion of the orlan do nmra national convention that was open to any and all ttrak module owners. Ttrak, trams, trolleys, trains, two tracks and table top.

A lightweight, 4 foot, ntrak module example for this clinic i have chosen as an example the foam top with gusset type of module. If a module flexes, the rail joiners may become loose and the solder joints may crack and cause electrical dead spots in the tracks. Ntrak represents a concept for building modular lay outs for settings in homes. The trak manual basic ntrak module 1 nashville ntrak. For example the track center line must be located between four to seven inches from the module front with the top of the rail 40 inches from the floor, the same as ntrak. Ntrak is listed in the worlds largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms the free dictionary. The woodland scenics road system is also included so you can add streets, roads, parking lots, sidewalks and other paved areas. Since this is volume 3 of a series, he doesnt spend much time on scenery techniques, track laying, or similar those are covered in volumes 1 and 2, but concentrates on the specifics of. If the graphic is a link ie it has a colored border. The ntrak modules are used to build large display layouts as well as home and club layouts.

Modules are layouts that can be joined with other layouts, like pieces in a puzzle. Building a module to build a module like mine, you will need. Ntrak modules are used to build large display layouts as well as home and club layouts. Used by a railroad to keep track and roadbed in good condition. Ntrak alternate wiring and connectors wiring for dcc by. Its designed for easy expansion, and can be built as a standalone model or an ntrak module. With a sheet of plywood, you should be able to build 2 modules. If you have been looking for an excuse to get started, now is. N scale ttrak double wide module kit for your model railroad is the smallest ttrak standard, 12 x inch, available in flush deck predrilled to precisely attach track with included screw or depressed deck to accommodate 1 inch thick scenery foam. I would strongly suggest you obtain or borrow a copy of this, as the smaller ntrak module manual pamphlet is somewhat vague due to its brevity but that could just be me. Ntrak standards and issues to consider in building a modulejim davisjune 2015. Since the last printing 2002 of the ntrak manual, all 120 volt wiring has been.

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