Sant jordi books and roses

Traditionally, since the 15th century, the sant jordi day is also the catalan equivalent of st valentines day. Sant jordi, the day of the patron saint of catalonia is celebrated as. The main event is the exchange of roses and books between sweethearts, loved. You can find books of all types and languages, roses of all colours, and much more. Saint jordis day celebrating love and romance, the. The whole city, and especially les rambles overflows with stalls selling books and roses in a springtime, festival atmosphere. The festivity of saint george is a day that is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and joy in catalonia. Sant jordi is one of the most emblematic festivals in catalonia, a celebration that unites love and tradition with culture. Almost a century ago, businesssavvy publishers turned it into a bookselling event. In catalonia the world book day becomes an especially romantic festivity. Five ways to celebrate sant jordi at home oxford house. Guest speakers from different countries and backgrounds will bring to shanghai their view on the books and creative scene. Jordi is catalunyas version of valentines day and is a one day festival of romance, roses and books all inspired by the legend of saint george on 23rd april every year. It is a day when readers take the opportunity to buy new books and talk with writers, who come to the bookstalls to sign books and recite fragments of their works.

Authors from all over make their way to barcelona, some every year, to take part in the signings and promotions of their newest works. Sant jordi is the catalan name of saint george, who is the patron saint of catalonia. The two most important symbols of this date are books and roses. Traditionally, boys give girls a red rose and girls give boys a book. It is very difficult to set a date to establish the beginning of the popular catalan tradition consisting of offering roses on. Sant jordi in barcelona is a catalan traditional day represented by books and roses, a romantic festivity in the city for locals and tourists. Sant jordi is when writers, books and reader take to the streets.

So, if you happen to have a girlfriend, a mum or a sister who you want to get a sant jordi present, books are a fantastic choice. Sant jordi s day, april 23rd, is a very important date in catalonia. The basic idea for sant jordi is that men give women roses and women give men books. Our first sant jordi day in barcelona video gimme some. Undoubtedly, the feast of sant jordi this year will be a little different.

This year, to mark the opening speech that will be given by the mozambican writer, mia couto, barcelonas libraries have prepared a selection of books from african. Catalan booksellers make between 58 percent of their annual sales on the day of sant jordi which is also st georges day in britain according to the catalan booksellers association. In years past, throngs of visitors traveled to barcelona and its surrounding region of catalunya catalonia to experience sant jordis festival, a combined celebration of love and literature. Books and roses fill catalonia for sant jordi, a unique day that inspires admiration all over the world. Roses and books in saint jordi have become a beautiful tradition dating back to the 15th century, when, on this same date, women use to attended a mass officiated in the chapel of sanit jordi, in the palace of the generalitat of catalonia, where they received a rose. Stalls along las ramblas provide roses and books on sant jordi day. Georges day, also known as sant jordi, takes place on 23 april and celebrates the patron saint of catalonia. Sant jordi festival barcelona catalonia 2020 saint. And it can be anybody, not necessarily your partner or somebody who.

April 23 is an especially romantic day in catalonia. Barcelonas day of love and roses sant jordis day the spain. The celebrations have been postponed for now, and due to the lockdown, there wont be any roses or books for sale on the streets. We told you about sant jordi tradition in this blog last year. It also offers a great opportunity to visit barcelona, where you can stay, for example, at aspasios apartments. Every 23rd april the traditional red roses and all kinds of books invade the streets creating a unique atmosphere. Indeed, a recent trend has been an explosion in book signings.

On the scoop we just love sant jordis day, the catalan equivalent to valentines day. Sant jordis day in barcelona is celebrated on april 23, and the legend about sant jordi, the dragon and the princess is reborn from its ashes every year to invade barcelona. They are a symbol of love and, traditionally, men give a rose to their loved one. Sant jordi the day of the book and the rose all andorra. On april 23rd, the streets of the cities and towns are crowded with people and stalls selling books and roses. Whilst the dragonslaying legend is remembered what makes the day in catalonia so special is that it is when lovers exchange books and roses. Sant jordi 23rd april, with its books and roses and many things to do in barcelona. Las ramblas of barcelona have never been so crowded. The feast day of sant jordi st george, patron saint of catalonia, is celebrated in barcelona on 23 april. St jordis day is barcelonas most romantic day of the year. On sant jordis day it is normal to find books in every language that talk about. The central elements of this celebration are culture and love, in addition to the dragons who are represented on this day with traditional gifts. Around the city in the days leading up to april 23 writers. In fact, it is a celebration of culture and love, represented by books and roses.

The streets of all of the cities and all of the towns in catalonia are full of flower and. Celebrated every april 23rd, it is a day for lovers, books, and red roses. Sant jordi is catalonias very literary answer to valentines day, wherein couples gaze longingly into each others eyes and exchange roses and books, but here i am, my motherinlaw rosas arm tucked into mine, trying to navigate the crowds without losing track of her or my husband, jesus, a halfpace behind us. The main event is the exchange of roses and books between sweethearts, loved ones and colleagues. The streets are filled with vendors selling roses, and bookstores throughout the city set up sidewalk stands. Travel virtually to spains catalunya region for sant.

In the 15th century sant jordi st george became the patron saint of catalonia, and rose markets started to appear all over the region every year. All about sant jordi in barcelona, a party dedicated to. Today, sant jordi is a day of love and literature, comparable to valentines day. Monday 23rd april around andorra see below for more info about the festival encamp. Sant jordi or saint george is catalonias patron saint. A few years ago i was visiting barcelona in april and discovered this celebration just by chance. Why st georges day is marked in catalonia with roses and books. On april 23, barcelonas streets fill with the scent of roses and freshly printed books to celebrate st george.

Traditionally, men give a rose to women, while women give them a book in exchange as a representation of love and literature. On sant jordis day, catalans exchange books and roses in the name of love. A national catalan holiday, sant jordis day is barcelonas most romantic day of the year. Across the region, its celebrated as a day of love and literature, and for one magical day on april 23, the streets of barcelona are filled with book sellers and flower stands selling roses. April 23 books and roses saint george day livingit. Sant jordi 2020 barcelona website barcelona city council. Each year, the streets are filled with people strolling around grasping books and roses wrapped in. Day of the book and the rose documents show that the tradition of giving away roses as a symbol of love on the day of sant jordi, dates back to the 15th century, even though the exact date is not known.

The feast of sant jordi or saint george, as we know him in english, falls on 23rd. Beyond the centre, the squares and streets of the different barcelona neighbourhoods are also filled with the characteristic sant jordi roses selling points and bookstalls. Barcelona is always full of florists stalls and it is estimated that 40% of all the roses sold in a year are sold on this single day. Some books are even published with the day of sant jordi in mind. Later, the tradition changed and lovers became the protagonists of this custom. Sant jordis day, april 23rd, is a very important date in catalonia. Every april 23rd on the day of sant jordi, or st george, people in the wealthy northeastern region give each other a rose or a book in a. A special day in which books parades are settled in the streets and roses are given to your beloveds.

It is tradition for men to give their ladies red roses on this day while a new trend has seen women give books to the. Why st georges day is marked in catalonia with roses and. Books, roses and more things to do in barcelona in sant. The people in catalonia celebrate the day of their patron saint, sant jordi, with a curious tradition. Sant jordi festival in barcelona 2020 catalunyas valentines day. Retailers expect to sell six million roses, and over 1. Sant jordi is the catalan name of saint george, who is the patron saint of catalonia and also of neighbouring autonomous community of aragon. A day of celebration where roses and books become the main characters. Sant jordi, or saint georges day is much more than a simple feast day in barcelona. For sant jordi, its a tradition to give each other books and roses, symbols of culture and love. Although not an official public holiday, the day is marked with much pomp and flair as people of all ages exchange red roses and books. Its clear sant jordi is not just about buying books. Sant jordi in barcelona is one of the most beautiful days to visit the city. Its on sant jordi that people discover an author, fall in love with a book and become enthralled with a story.

The key elements of this day, dedicated to the patron saint, are culture and love, represented by the book and the rose. For catalans, a day of books, roses and, of course. On the day of sant jordi in barcelona as in all of catalonia people give one another a rose or a book. It is a very similar celebration to valentines day. This tradition marked by books, stories and romanticism focuses on the patron saint of catalonia since the 15th century, sant jordi.

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